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I hope to travel again, when the world finds its way through this chaos.

It seems 2020 represented a challenge for all. Will you live in fear? Or will you live in your own truth, and love, the places where you belong..

This is a pivotal time to be on earth. Do you know who you are? Always the question.

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just getting started here, head to my other blog for more content: Crux of Health

  • What I know in my bones
    What I know in my bones is I forgot to take time to remember what I know.

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Life is a work of art; sometimes clear, sometimes messy. I share as I go.


Photos from some places I’ve travelled


Crux of Health, where I post on mind, body, spirit, emotions


I am a Creative Technologist, I can help with most back-office types of things, systems (IT & Data), productivity, accounting.


This is a work in progress, a vision for teaching about financial health. #intheworks

happy but serious, done censoring my words.. (it comes with age)